Step into the world of Educational Dance with Lorraine White-Wilkinson! Classes are designed with children in mind, offering  rich and engaging experiences that promote total involvement, nurtures dance knowledge, and fosters meaningful connections between dance concepts and life itself.

Structured in a layered fashion, these Creative Dance based classes allow students to build upon their dance foundation gradually. This approach ensures that each child can fully immerse themselves in the learning process, embracing the joy of dance while developing essential skills. 

Join us at Educational Dance, where your child's passion for dance will be ignited, their creativity will soar, and their journey of self-discovery will flourish. With Lorraine White-Wilkinson's expert guidance and a curriculum that celebrates artistic expression, your child will thrive as they embark on a transformative dance adventure!

Educational Dance​

 Inspiring Connections Through the Artistry of Dance

​Lorraine White-Wilkinson