Educational Dance​

 Inspiring Connections Through the Artistry of Dance

​Lorraine White-Wilkinson

 Lorraine White-Wilkinson

​Lorraine is an accomplished educator with a strong background in the arts. She holds a Masters Degree in Arts Education, which she obtained after completing her Bachelors Degree in Dance. In addition to her academic achievements, Lorraine has received specialized dance teacher training from the esteemed University of Utah.

As a lifelong learner, Lorraine has recently expanded her expertise by completing training in Brain-Compatible Dance Education. This cutting-edge approach allows her to incorporate neuroscience principles into her teaching methods, creating a more enriching and effective learning experience for her students.

With an impressive teaching career spanning over 30 years, Lorraine has become a master in her field. She continually refines her craft by striking a balance between the unique needs of her participants and the untapped potential within each dancer. Her teaching style is centered around her students, ensuring their growth not only in technical skills but also in personal and creative empowerment.

Lorraine's passion for dance education shines through in her commitment to nurturing her students' individuality through building self-esteem and fostering artistic expression. She has created positive and inclusive learning environments where students feel inspired and encouraged to explore their creativity.

Through her exceptional teaching methods and wealth of experience, Lorraine has left a lasting impact on the world of dance education, empowering her students to become confident, skilled, and expressive people.

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